Educating the company staff is one of the main factors contributing to effective quality management systems. It is only due to the qualified professionals and team work that the company continues to prosper. In order to improve and deepen the knowledge of the employees and train the new workers, various types of training are provided. The staff can be educated in the form of role games, seminars, round tables, working groups and other format. The purpose of the trainings and seminars is to explain the employees the company policy on product quality management, realizing the responsibility of each employee for the safety and quality of products, upgrading the qualification of the Quality Control Department staff.

The highly qualified instructors who have completed a series of trainings abroad and in Ukraine, passed the international exams, and become certified international instructors are employed by our company.

Our company conducts various types of training according to different standards. The schedule of the trainings is presented in the appendix. In case of questions, please contact Victor Stefanchuk, the responsible employee of the Academy by phone: 032 245 53 04.

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