For Producers

The benefits of using the quality and safety management system are numerous. The following are the most important ones:

  • The HACCP is a systematic approach that covers all the aspects of food safety from cultivation, harvesting, purchasing of raw materials to usage by the end user.
  • Use of the HACCP will shift the focus from testing the final product to using the preventive methods to ensure the safety in production and sales.
  • Properly performed analysis of hazards reveals the hidden dangers and directs the relevant resources to the critical points of the process.
  • Reduction of expenditures associated with product recalls, penalties and lawsuits.
  • The HACCP can be integrated into the overall quality management system according to ISO 9000 series standards.
  • The International organizations such as the Commission Sodex AIimentarius, have approved the use of the HACCP as the most effective means of preventing the diseases caused by food.
  • Introduction of the HACCP can be useful to confirm compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements.