Global G.A.P.

The Global GAP standard is a system that guarantees the safety of farm-grown products

The Global GAP standard is distinguished among all the other standards due to the fact that it assesses not only the safety of the farm-grown products but also the safety of the entire production cycle, from the feed and seed to the finished products.

The Global GAP standard is a unified integrated standard for primary production with the possibility of use of its individual modules for different groups of products from production of plant products to livestock breeding. With the Global GAP Certificate you can prove your consumer (producer, distribution network) that all of your products are high quality and completely safe to use.

For whom is the Global GAP standard?

The Global GAP standard is required by the producers of agricultural crops and the farms engaged in raising livestock and fish for human consumption. It is important for the following areas:

  • Plant growing
  • Livestock
  • Breeding of aquatic animals and plants


  • Obtaining the opportunity to assess new markets (access the European market);
  • Increasing the demand for goods, building the consumer confidence;
  • Raising the prestige of the organization in the eyes of investors and banks;
  • Decreasing the possible risk of contamination of finished products. Improvement of sanitation and hygiene in the production enterprise;
  • Compatibility of the standard with other international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS;

Legal protection of the producer (the Global GAP system is considered the most effective tool to manage the production and supply of safe products in most countries).