ISO 22000

The food safety management systems present the requirements to all the companies in the chain of food production and consumption.

The standard established the requirements to the food safety management systems for the companies that have to prove their ability to control the hazards and manage the risks arising from those hazards to secure safe food products for the consumer in the chain of development and production of food. It is applied by all the companies that participate in all or any part of the food chain regardless of their size.

The ISO 22000:2005 establishes the requirements that allow the company to:

  • Secure the development and effective functioning of the food safety management system the goal of which is to produce the foods safe for the consumers;
  • Prove compliance with the current legislation and regulations on the food safety for all the interested parties;
  • Provide assessment and analysis of the customer requirements with the purpose of better satisfying the customer needs as well as independent declaration of the compliance with the ISO 22000:2005 requirements or certification of their own food safety management system in the independent organization.